Finding the Best Electric Drum Set

Electric drum sets are becoming more and more popular these days, as they offer some incredible features, very realistic sounds, and of course many of them are real space-savers when compared to a regular drum kit. But finding the best electric drum set for your needs can be fairly tricky at times, purely because of the vast selection there is.

You can find smaller electric drum sets that are ideal for home use, or there are the much bigger options with a wide range of drums, cymbals and kick pads available. You can also purchase some additional elements separately too, so if you ever did need additional cymbals or another kick pad then some sets will sell these on their own so you can build up your set as you need.

electric drum set

The cost of an electric drum set can vary considerably too. If you just need something to play at home and learn different drumming skills, then you would not want to be looking at some of the high-end sets that will set you back a few thousand dollars. You can find some smaller electric drum sets that cost between $150 to $250, although if you want to get something that offers a lot of variety you will find some really good quality sets in the $500 to $100o price range.

We take a closer look at some of the best electric drum sets currently available, covering different brands and price ranges. This will help give you a clearer picture of what is available, and the quality that you should be looking for. We also provide more in-depth reviews of many different drum sets and related equipment on this site, so you get as much information about specific models to help you make a more informed decision as to which one is right for you.

Some of the best electric drum set models

Alesis DM10X 6-Piece Electric Drum Set

Alesis is one of the leading brands when it comes to high-quality electric drum sets. Their DM10X isbest electric drum set a professional grade 6 piece drum kit that provides an incredible range of sound and a realistic feel. The set comprises of a RealHead snare, tom and kick pads, as well as dual-zone 12-Inch and 10-Inch pads, and triple-zone ride cymbals.

With the Alesis DM10X you also get the excellent DM10 high-definition drum module. This module has 12 trigger inputs, a top panel mixer, built-in sequencer and a metronome. It gives you as the player that much more control over the entire drum set and allows you to fine tune each aspect to suit your playing needs. To read a full review on the DM10X by Alesis click here

DDRUM DD1 Electronic Drum Kit

The DDRUM DD1 electronic drum set is a 5-piece setup that is ideal for the beginner to learn on, or the intermediate player to practice on at home. While it does not have the features of a lot of the Alesis and Roland kits, it is a good quality drum kit that is available at a very affordable price. The design is compact, so it will fit into the corner of your room fairly easily if you want to play it at home.

The 5-piece setup of the DDRUM DD1 gives you plenty of variety, and if you are just learning to play the drums you will find the setup very easy to use. The D1M drum module that comes with the set will give you enough control over your audio output, and it also comes with a USB and MIDI port to allow easy file transfers. The DDRUM DD1 is an affordable set, and great for the beginner or for a practice set. You can read a full review on it here

Alesis DM10 Professional electric drum set

The Alesis DM10 is the model down from the DM10X, but you still get a wide range of features in this professional quality 6-piece drum set. Considering you can get the DM10 for under $1000, you will be amazed at the very high quality throughout this set, and the sound and playing ability it gives you. The drums are also very realistic to play, from the strike to the sound.

This set also comes with the DM10 drum module too, which gives the added features to the set. It also contains a big library of uncompressed samples that you can integrate into your playing sets whenever you want. You can read a full review on the Alesis DM10 here

Simmons SDXpress Compact 5-piece drum kit

The Simmons SDXpress is a low-cost 5 piece electric drum set that has become very popular due to its realistic response and sound quality. If you need a practice set, or a compact kit to hone your drumming skills then this is a really good option. It is also a great starter set, so if you or your children want to start learning to play the drums then you will be able to progress fairly quickly when using the SDXpress. To read a full review of this drum kit click here

electric-drum-set-3aRoland HD-3 electronic drum set

Roland is one of the big players in the electric drum market, and their experience and knowledge is clearly evident in all of their models. The Roland HD-3 is a great example of the innovation and attention to detail they put into their drum sets. It is ideal for children through to adults, and the responsive drum pads will really enable you to get a great feel for playing.

The design of the Roland HD-3 helps to minimize noise and vibration, so when you are playing at home you won’t disturb the entire household or your neighbors. You have the ability to connect the HD-3 up to other devices so you can transfer samples easily. To read a full review on the Roland HD-3 click here

Yamaha DTX400k electronic drum kit

If you want a compact drum set to use that provides excellent sound quality, the Yamaha DTX400k electronic drum set is a very good option. The drum trigger module that comes with this set contains 297 high quality sounds that you can use in your performances. The two 10 inch cymbals provide a really realistic sound, as do the 7 inch drum pads.

The setup of the DTX400k allows you to move freely around the different drums, so the fluid movement will help you progress and improve your drumming skills. The 10 professional drum kits that come with this set are comprised from some of the most famous drum sounds, including the acoustic series from Yamaha. To read a full review of the Yamaha DTX400k electronic drum kit click here

Roland TD 11KV

Another really good quality professional drum kit is the Roland TD 11KV. This 5-piece electric drum set is really well setup to allow you to really go to town on the set and cover all of the drums efficiently as you play. It contains a lot of professionally recorded backing tracks, so you have accompaniment to practice too and play along with.

There are a lot of different features included on the TD 11KV that will enhance your playing ability, and the quality of the set overall will cater for professional usage. You can read a full review of the Roland TD 11KV here.

Which electric drum set is right for you?

These are just a few of the many electric drum sets currently available. We have reviews of many more on this site too, so you can see what is available and find out a lot more about a lot of different models. There is such a wide range of drums across all price ranges, so whether you want a starter set to learn how to play, or a full on professional quality set to play at your gigs, you will be able to find the right set for you.




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