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OSP DD-502 MKII Digital Electronic Starter Drum Set Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The OSP DD-502 MKII electronic drum kit is engineered to play like a standard acoustic drum set,OSP DD-502 MKII but offers an ideal platform for people to learn on and improve their drumming skills. It is not a top-of-the-line drum kit, but a brilliant all around kit that has a good set of features for a reasonable price.

A closer look at the OSP DD-502 MKII

Drum pad

There are totally 4 drum pads, one kick trigger, 1 hi-hat control pedal, and 3 cymbals in the OSP DD-502 MKII kit. These drum pads could be assigned any of the 215 high quality voices to mix things up. They are extremely compact when compared to acoustic drums and has additional features especially for beginners like, play-along songs and digital metronome.

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Control panel

The control panel seems to have a lot of different option to fiddle with when compared to other kits in the market made by Simmons and Alesis. Even though there are dedicated button for changing and finding out a lot of thing on this, it look rather cluttered.

OSP DD-502 MKII drum kit

Like most other panels, there are buttons and controls on the front and all the connectivity ports on the rear. On the left side of the panel is a large knob to control the volume when it is connected an amplifier or headphones.

There is a dedicated save button that one could not find in many other drum kits. With the help of the save button the current kit setting can be saved to a user kit. You might take some time to figure out certain things on the control panel like controlling metronome without playing a song and changing voices, but after you get used to it, you will really appreciate the ease of use.

OSP DD-502 MKII reviewThe current voice and its volume can be displayed on the LED display using the Voice/Volume button. Similar to the Voice/Volume the Song/Volume button could be pressed to display the song number and volume. The drum kit number can be displayed on the 3-digit LED unit using the Kit button. The plus and minus buttons, tempo control and click buttons are some of the other control options in the OSP DD-502 MKII.

Connectivity options

A row of connectivity ports could be found on the rear panel. The lack of USB connectivity is a bit disappointing, but all the other ports that one would expect are present which includes, an AUX IN to connect to external sound source.

There are several trigger input jacks present at the middle of the row of ports. These ports could be used to connect with cymbals, hi-hat, kick trigger and pads. There are 2 standard audio out ports to hook-up an amplifier (L-monaural).

If you didn’t go through the owner’s manual you might find yourself searching for the headphones OSP-DD-502-MKII-4jack, which is located on the side panel. Almost all electronic drum kits come with MIDI port and so does the DD-502 – the port could be used to connect external sound module or sequencers.

Custom drum kits

The OSP DD-502 MKII is pre-loaded with 215 high quality sounds that could be assigned to any of the three cymbals, drum pad, bass drum, and hi-hat control. This enables you to take your creativity to new heights by creating your own custom drum kit with the voice you want. The system is also pre-programmed with 20 preset kits, 50 preset songs and 10 user kits.

This drum kit with all its features can be very useful for professionals who are looking for a compact and powerful kit good enough for small gigs and also suit the needs of a beginner who is searching for a kit with newbie friendly features like metronome and play-along songs.

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