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Simmons SDXpress 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

In November 2012, Simmons announced a new drum kit targeted at the needs of aspiring Simmons SDXpressdrummers. The Simmons SDXpress Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit offers a full array of professional features and sounds in a complete, simple, and compact set up that is unmatched by any other kit at its price.

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They put together a winning combination that makes the SDXpress a smart choice for anyone wanting to either learn, or improve their current drumming abilities. The low cost of the drum kit makes it very accessible and is an ideal choice to help those wanting to learn to play.

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The footprint of the Simmons SDXpress is small and compact, so you will be able to fit it into your home very easily if this is where you wanted to set it up. The set is very easy to assemble and you will be playing it in no time.

Design features of the Simmons SDXpress

The Simmons SDXpress Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit offers everything a polished or amateur drummer would ever need and want in a single compact package. It’s an all in one kit that contains, three velocity-sensitive cymbal pads, four velocity sensitive drum pads and an inbuilt hi-hat with kick drum pedals.

Simmons SDXpress review

All these are firmly attached and held in place by plastic clamps on a lightweight 1-piece aluminum stand. All these are contained within a compact footprint that clocks in at around 30 inches wide and 20 inches deep.

The kit includes:

  • SDXpress drum module wit three pre-mounted tom pads
  • A snare ad with three cymbals with cables and mounting arms
  • A heavy base with in-built drum pedals a pair of drum sticks
  • Support bars owner’s manual.

Simmons-SDXpress-4aTechnology used

Atop the SDXpress Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is a user friendly, easy to set up control module. It has intuitive, well labeled buttons and a full led display to help you scroll the menu and change settings with ease.

The module comes with 193 preprogrammed drum sounds that you can play along to during practice sessions. Moreover, you also get ten preprogrammed drum kits and ten songs. The drum module also has a built-in metronome with multiple time signatures.

A number of connectivity options are provided for the module. If you every get bored of jamming along to the built-in drum sounds, song samples and drum kits samples, simply plug your MP3 or other music player into the 3.5 mm stereo input and enjoy playing along to your favorite songs.

Moreover, a USB port with MIDI support is also included. This means that you can easily load Simmons-SDXpress-3amore song and drum sound samples by plugging the USB cable into your PC and loading the songs. You also get two reverb effects stereo line outputs for playing the drums through a monitor and a headphone output. The headphone output can be particularly useful for those who want to practice quietly in a shared space.

Feel of the drum set

Setting up the SDXpress takes less than 15 minutes, as there are very few pieces to put together and the module settings are easy to master. The drum pads, cymbals and drum pedals are all very responsive, and you will get the feel within a few minutes of playing it. It is definitely one of the best electric drum sets available right now.

Final thoughts on the Simmons SDXpress

Simmons is one of the most famous brand in electronic drums, having created the first electronic drum kit with built-in sounds and effects. The Simmons SDXpress Compact 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is a full featured, yet low priced kit that would be worth looking at if you are looking for a starter drum kit that is loaded with numerous high quality sounds and effects.

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If you don’t like it, the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Electronic Drum Set, is another high quality one you can check out.



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